2017 Innovation Radar Prize Winners!


0 Comments Nov 10, 2017 News

We are proud to share with you some exciting news!

The amphiro b1, an innovation developed by the DAIAD project, and already delivered to the market by our great partner Amphiro, has received the prestigious 2017 Innovation Radar Prize in the category Tech for Society!

Every year, the European Commission evaluates and awards Europe’s most promising innovations emerging from the thousands of EU-funded research and innovation projects, seeking to help them get their innovation ‘out of the lab’ and into the market. It is a great honor not only winning, but even competing against our colleagues across Europe.

We would like to thank and congratulate everyone that made DAIAD possible and helped us turn an idea into an innovative product.

  • All members of our team, that worked tirelessly for more than 3 years without losing their focus and motivation.
  • Our great partners: Athena RC, Amphiro, Bamberg University, Fraunhofer ISI, Waterwise, and Aguas de Alicante.
  • The thousands of European citizens that participated in our large-scale trials and helped us test and improve our work.
  • Our EC Project Officers, who provided us constructive feedback and expertly guided us during the project.
  • Our families, friends, and colleagues, for being patient and supportive.

Our greatest gratitude and appreciation are reserved however for the European Union and the European Commission, who often do not receive the credit they deserve. For most of us, it is difficult to comprehend exactly how instrumental they are for promoting research and innovation in Europe. Quite simply, DAIAD would not have been possible without their support.

Materializing our vision from just an idea, to an actual working product, required the joint work of a diverse group of people, with different skills, backgrounds, and ideas. These people were not located in one organization, or even one country. Addressing a common challenge for our sustainable future demands input from a diverse group of citizens to make sure our work has an actual real-world impact. Reaching citizens in different places across Europe, with different water challenges and habits, was critical. Developing a product with increased chances of commercial success, demands a diverse and big market. Our Digital Single Market makes possible to deliver and commercialize an innovation without borders.

Thank you all!

The DAIAD team