We want to explore how DAIAD can extract critical added value from your smart water meters and improve your business decisions!

DAIAD can deeply engage your customers, guide them towards self-induced changes in their consumption behavior, raise their awareness for water, and establish you as a true water steward.

DAIAD can drastically improve demand-side management, applying Big Data technologies to forecast, analyze, and extract actionable insights from water consumption data. Not only will you increase water security, but also save money in the process!

Below you can find some the options you can consider. However, we are always open to new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, so whatever you can in mind, please get in touch with us!

  • DAIAD evaluation kit. Do you want to experiment and evaluate DAIAD technologies? You can order an evaluation kit which includes DAIAD hardware and access to the complete DAIAD software services. We will also provide you with 4 hours of remote training to get you started on DAIAD!
  • Small-scale pilot. We can support you in organizing and performing a small-scale pilot with the participation of your customers. We believe this is the best option for evaluating the benefits and impact of DAIAD technologies yourselves. The duration, number of participants, and pilot focus is entirely up to you.
  • Share your smart water meter data. DAIAD has its foundations in data-intensive research. This means that by having more data about water consumption we can devise better means to analyze and extract actionable knowledge for water utilities. You can help us by providing access to your own (anonymized) water consumption data. In turn, we will help you by applying the DAIAD services to analyze your data and provide you with insights regarding your customers.
  • Demonstrations. We regularly organize and participate in events worldwide, demonstrating DAIAD and enabling everyone to gain a hands-on experience with our technologies. In case you organize an event and want DAIAD to participate, feel free to invite us!