Yvonne Orgill
Chief Executive of the UK Bathroom Manufacturers Association

Yvonne Orgill is Chief Executive of the UK Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA). The BMA is a trade body of over 100 bathroom brands – both manufacturers and media. Its members employ over 10,000 people across 70+ sites, and are responsible for a combined membership turnover of almost £1 billion. Yvonne represents the BMA at two European Bathroom Trade Bodies and is head of the European Water Label committee which promotes the Water Labelling Scheme. The scheme was introduced and developed by the BMA and has now been adopted across Europe, and beyond, in over 30 states. Recognised by her industry as a leading exponent of customer service and training, Yvonne is a Board member of the bathroom sector National Training Group. Its mission is to improve the professionalism of the UK Industry and Yvonne has been constantly active in developing and promoting the Bathroom Academy, an innovative web-based training scheme

Tony Rheinberg
Head of Commercial Marketing, Ideal Standard International

Tony Rheinberg is head of Commercial marketing for Ideal Standard. He has worked in marketing roles within the UK bathroom industry for 25 years. During this time he has gained a comprehensive understanding of the major market channels and product sectors.
Tony has pioneered water saving solutions in domestic and commercial markets and is an enthusiastic supporter of the European water label in which Ideal Standard has over 700 products listed. He is company spokesman on water saving issues and has conducted an annual survey into water saving attitudes and awareness over the last 5 years.

Timos Sellis
Professor, School of Computer Science, RMIT University, Melbourne

 Timos Sellis is a Professor at RMIT University in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, with an expertise in Data Management. In 1986, he joined the Department of Computer Science of the University of Maryland, College Park as an Assistant Professor, and became an Associate Professor in 1992. Between 1992 and 1996 he was an Associate Professor at NTUA, where he served as a Professor till January 2013.
His research interests include data streams, peer-to-peer database systems, personalisation, the integration of Web and databases, and spatio-temporal database systems. He has published over 200 articles in refereed journals and international conferences in the these areas. He is a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Young Investigator (PYI) award given by the President of USA to the most talented new researchers (1990), and of the VLDB 1997 10 Year Paper Award in 1997 for his work on spatial databases. He was the president of the National Council for Research and Technology of Greece (2001-2003), and in November 2009, he was awarded the status of IEEE Fellow, for his contributions to database query optimisation, and spatial data management.

Tony Kelly
Private Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Tony is Chair of the Australian Savewater Alliance, a not for profit NGO focused on providing water conservation advice and services to its members (water utilities) and the general public. Tony, a Civil Engineer, was also Managing Director of Yarra Valley Water for 11 years from 2003-14. During this period of time Tony managed the organisation through the worst drought in Australia’s history (referred to as the Millennium Drought) and was the water industry media spokesperson for water conservation and water restrictions. The extensive range of water conservation initiatives employed in Melbourne resulted in water savings of 40% per capita. More recently Yarra Valley Water has introduced an electronic water metering program to better understand consumer behaviour and the benefits of shifting demand profiles. Tony has extensive Australian and international networks in the water industry and in water conservation.

Jan Marckhoff
CEO and founder of BEN Energy AG

Dr. Jan Marckhoff is the CEO and co-founder of BEN Energy AG located in Zurich, Switzerland. Jan studied business management in Leipzig, Chicago, and Bangalore. After obtaining his doctor degree in risk management in energy markets from the University of Bamberg, Germany, Jan worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman Financial Services in Zurich for several years. Jan is an expert in ICT-based energy efficiency solutions and customer engagement strategies and combines both, ICT skills and deep insights in behavioral interventions. He is also a connoisseur of the utility market in Europe