OPEN WATER DAYS in Alicante, June 10-12


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Aguas de Alicante announces the Open Water Days event at the Culture Centre “Las Cigarreras” (The Old Cigar Factory), with the collaboration of the City Council of Alicante. From the 10th to the 12th of June, we shall have the opportunity to discover, through both an Exhibition and a Workshop, the challenges to the sustainability of hydraulic resources, and how technology attempts to give an answer at our homes, in the research project DAIAD.



-          How much water is really available on the planet?

-          How does climate change affect water availability?

-          How much water is required to produce a slice of bread, a cup of coffee or a pair of boots?

-          Do we actually know how much water we consume at home?

-          What are the relationships between water and energy?

-          What can we do about it?

-          What is DAIAD and how does it intend to solve the trials we face?

The Exhibition at the Culture Centre will introduce us to the global puzzle of water sustainability in a playful, visual way. We shall have the chance to learn and interact with the result of the European project DAIAD, which tries to give an answer to this challange from our homes, combining technology and knowledge.

The exhibition is aimed at all publics, from 0 to 99 years old.



In parallel to the exhibition, the Workshop “Open Water Days’ Challenge”, aimed at students, professionals and inquiring minds in general will take place on June 11. In this event, we shall have the opportunity to learn the methodologies of Design Thinking (Creative Problem Solving / Service & Business Design), hand in hand with specialists in these techniques. We shall apply them in practice to the creative solution of challenges related with water and technology, in the context of the European project DAIAD.

The workshop will be developed on a workgroup approach. It will also show us how to shape our results using rapid prototyping, and how to present them in “elevator pitch” format. All the participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and the best valued proposal, chosen by an expert jury, will receive an award in recognition of their work.

Previous registration is required in order to take part in the workshop. Registration form available at (limited places).



Open Water Days ExhibitionCaja Blanca Hall at Las Cigarreras

-          Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June, 10 to 21 hrs.

-          Sunday 12 June, 10 to 14 hrs.


Open Water Days’ Challenge Workshop - Caja Negra Hall at Las Cigarreras

-          Saturday 11 June, 10 to 18 hrs. (lunch included for registered participants)


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