It’s time to change the way we monitor water consumption.

Low cost real-time, multi-point water consumption monitoring for residential settings

In DAIAD we believe that in order to drive innovation, accelerate the adoption of efficient water use and reuse, and induce sustainable changes in water consumption at a larger scale, we must empower consumers.

Consumer-oriented and intuitive knowledge delivery mediums for water consumption

Our vision is to enable all consumers to self-monitor their water consumption through low-cost sensing technologies, independently from their water provider, and to monitor every drop of water we consume in our residencies, turn this information into actionable knowledge, and promote sustainable water consumption.

Big data management and analysis for large scale, real-time water consumption data

Our research and technological objectives are organized and influenced from the unifying theme of addressing water monitoring and water management as a data intensive problem, providing both the missing high quality data, and the techniques to efficiently analyze them beyond the current capacities of the water domain.

Novel resource/ demand management strategies, including corresponding pricing and incentive schemes

The novelty of DAIAD lies not only on innovations on a technical level, but also on empowering and leveraging consumers as catalysts to accelerate innovation and implementation of efficient water management.