Meet DAIAD at the Athens Science Festival 2016!


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The Athens Science Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of science and technology in Greece. Over a week’s time, every spring, students and other visitors from the wider area of Athens take the opportunity to explore science in fun, innovative and interactive ways. At the same time researchers, teachers, distinguished scientists and artists give their best to communicate science and make it part of their audience’s everyday lives.

Exceeding 33,000 visitors in 2015, the Athens Science Festival not only achieved its original objectives, but also managed to broaden them. Once again this year, it keeps its promise to its audiences by connecting science with everyday life, promoting its role in the society, communicating high quality scientific research made in Greece, debating and looking for answers to complex and controversial scientific issues, inspiring and creating new standards and encouraging young people to consider a career in science. However, its main achievement is that it has proved to its younger visitors that science is not only about learning but also about having fun!

DAIAD will participate in ASF this year as well!

Come and meet us, let us demonstrate you how you can increase your water efficiency, and give you a sneak peak of the full DAIAD system, currently in beta in Spain and UK.

  • Thursday & Sunday (Hands-on demos). The DAIAD crew will be available all day to demonstrate the DAIAD system! You will be able to experiment with our water sensor, our mobile applications, and give us your feedback.
  • Thursday (Talk). Spiros will give a talk at 19:00 about the global challenges affecting water, how our contribution as consumers is important, and how DAIAD improves our water efficiency.

You can find the full programme of ASF 2016 here.