DAIAD Open Water Day


0 Comments May 22, 2015 News

DAIAD organizes its first Open Water Day, an open event celebrating bottom-up participation and social innovation for improving water efficiency.

DAIAD is tackling a significant challenge for sustainability and the well-being of our society. We want to improve the way we use and reuse water, and increase individual and collective awareness for water efficiency. And we approach this challenge from a novel perspective

Our vision is to democratize water consumption monitoring!

We believe that every day consumers, given simple tools to monitor and understand their water consumption, can succeed in reducing their water use, while also influencing others to do so.

DAIAD brings together researchers from Big Data, Internet of Things, and Social Sciences to materialize this vision. We develop technologies empowering consumers to self-induce sustainable changes in their water use.

Join us in one of the many sessions of our Open Water Day! You will have a unique opportunity to learn about DAIAD, experiment with our technologies, and explore how you can be part of our vision.

You can find more details for all planned sessions in the programme. There is something for everyone, whether you are an active citizen, student, researcher, developer, NGO member, or a utility:

  • DAIAD hands-on (10:00-17:00).
  • Student Visits (10:00-11:00, registration required).
  • DAIAD – The Big Picture (11:00-12:00)
  • Designing Interventions for Sustainability (12:00-13:00, registration required)
  • Open Hardware for Water Sensing (12:00-13:00, registration required)
  • Water Monitoring: Retail and Manufacturing Opportunities (13:00-14:00, registration required)
  • Cleanweb and Mobile Apps for Water (13:00-14:00, registration required)

For sessions requiring registration please visit daiad.eu/join and wait for our confirmation 2 weeks before the event takes place.

DAIAD’s Open Water Day will take place at InnovAthens, the Cluster of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the City of Athens and is co-organized with GFOSS, the largest community for open technologies and social innovation in Greece.