Pilot FAQs

How do I request for assistance?

Please end us an email directly at contact@daiad.eu

The DAIAD app does not recognize the Smart Shower Meter. What can I do?

Please, try the following steps. By applying the alternative solutions, some compatibility issues can be fixed. In any other case, please let us know by sending an email at contact@daiad.eu

  • Is the manufacturer and model of your smartphone/tablet compatible with the DAIAD app? The DAIAD app requires Bluetooth 4.0 to operate. Please ensure that you have a compatible mobile device (i.e. Apple iPhone 4s/5 or newer, iPad Air/Air2, iPad 3rd/4th generation, all iPad Mini or Android v4.0 or newer).
  • Is your smartphone/tablet updated onto the latest OS version?
    • An Android smartphone/tablet should be of version 4.0+. If no, please update it by performing the following steps: Settings->More->About device->Software update->Update now.
    • An iOS smartphone/tablet should be of version 7.0+.
  • Do you have the latest version of DAIAD app installed? Please update your mobile device to the latest version of DAIAD app.
  • Did you have the location services enabled when you installed the DAIAD app? The DAIAD app and especially the BT 4.0 module needs the location services to be enabled. Otherwise, you are advised to uninstall and install again the DAIAD app and take care to accept/have enabled the location services.
  • Is the amphiro display ON when the water is running? If you do not see anything on the LCD of the amphiro b1, then it simply might be faulty.In that case, please send us an email at contact@daiad.eu and we will replace the device.
  • Slightly increasing water flow can help. The amphiro b1 harvests energy from water flow, so if the water flow is low, it does not have enough power to transmit data over Bluetooth. As a rule of thumb, water flow should be similar to the one when you take a shower.
  • Have you entered to the correct fields of the mobile application the Code 1 and Code 2 displayed from the amphiro b1? Please make sure you are entering the Code 1 displayed on the b1 in the top field of the DAIAD app and the Code 2 displayed on the b1 in the bottom field of the DAIAD app.

How could I check the mobile device manufacturer and model?

There is a chance your phone is not BT4.0 compatible! In order to check out this information about your mobile device, please proceed onto the next steps:

  • For Android devices, you could find this info in your phone’s menu: Settings->More->About device (i.e. Model number and Android version).
  • For iOS devices, you could find this info in your phone’s menu: Settings->About this phone->Device.

I cannot sign in on the app. What can I do?

If you have already successfully performed the Sign Up process, you only have to select the smaller text under the button (i.e. “Already a member? Sign In!”) and use your credentials to sign in.

I have successfully paired my mobile device with the amphiro b1 but it seems to work for only a few showers. What can I do?

It seems that you are using the amphiro (https://goo.gl/jMhSYE) mobile application, rather than the DAIAD (https://goo.gl/mRwY5b) mobile application. Please uninstall the amphiro application and install the DAIAD application.

The amphiro b1 introduces a reduction in water flow in the shower. What can I do?

In general, the amphiro b1 device introduces a reduction in water flow from the resistance which is exploited in order to generate energy from the water flow. In most households this is not an issue. However, if the maximum available water flow is already low in your household, meaning that the amphiro b1 is not working properly and the water pressure is significantly low, there is not much we could do about it.

Can multiple household members/several mobile devices be paired to the Smart Shower Meter in my household?

Yes, the DAIAD app supports multiple household members/several mobile devices to be paired to the amphiro b1 in a household.

Will the showers be separated correctly, if two persons take a shower one right after the other?

Yes, if the second person starts showering after 5 minutes from the first person.