DAIAD@WaterIdeas Conference in Bologna


0 Comments Nov 4, 2014 News

DAIAD attended the IWA WaterIdeas Conference from the 22nd to the 24th of October in Bologna, Italy. Bologna, also called the Red (because of the enormous amount of red and orange buildings), the Fat (because of the cuisine) and the Learned (because of the university and students) welcomed all ICT4Water projects to participate in the conference with their insights. The WaterIdeas Conference’s objective is to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in Innovative Water Networks Management. The conference cooperates with the H2o Accadueo Water Fair for water service sectors. Manufacturers of materials, technology and equipment, state and privately owned companies for the integrated management of water services, municipalities and contractors can meet at Accadueo and exchange knowledge or present innovations.

The conference program contained many interesting opportunities to get insights on the intelligent distribution for efficient and affordable supplies. The SWAN workshop at the beginning on October 22 presented the engagement in smart cities from the perspective of utilities and technology providers. Subsequently, the opening session followed with various interesting talks about Smart Water Management.

At the second day all ICT4Water projects (EFFINET, ICeWater, iWidget, WatERP, UrbanWater, DAIAD, ISS-EWATUS, SmartH20, WATERNOMICS, WISDOM) and the ALMANAC FP7 project met to present the aims and challenges, partners and the case studies for each project. The session was very helpful to get an insight on the other FP7 projects and enabled a lively discussion in the next session on standards and standardization bodies for ICT and smart water technologies. The cluster meeting in the afternoon supported communication and interaction between the projects. DAIAD representative Anna Kupfer could identify common ground for further cooperations to leverage synergies between the projects.