Gamifying Water


0 Comments Sep 10, 2014 News

Waterwise, a DAIAD partner, and one of the leading authorities on water efficiency in the UK and Europe,  is organizing the Waterwise Annual Water Efficiency Conference 2014.

The overarching principle of this year’s conference is to look at innovative ways in which to engage people with water efficiency. The theme is ‘Gamifying Water’. Gamification is the application of game approaches to non-game contexts, using elements such as points, badges, levels, leader boards, and rewards to change habits and encourage certain behaviours. Marketing professionals in other sectors have been using these techniques for a long time to engage with customers and promote customer loyalty, but using games as a method to promote water efficiency is a new and exciting area.

Innovative approaches like this are key to future water efficiency work. The conference will provide a background to gamification and give case study examples of how game elements have been applied in practice. This will be placed into context with talks from both Ofwat and the Environment Agency.

DAIAD members will be available at the conference to present our planned work and ideas on how to employ gamification for water efficiency. The conference is always well attended by individuals from a range of sectors with an interest in water efficiency, including water companies, policy makers, researchers and manufacturers, providing ample opportunities for networking.