¡Hola! Alicante


0 Comments Jun 10, 2015 News

We are happy to announce that we officially have a new partner in the DAIAD Consortium from Spain: Aguas de Alicante!

Aguas de Alicante manages the urban water cycle in the city of Alicante and surrounding municipalities, supplying water to more than 500.000 inhabitants (700.000 in the summer) through a distribution network of more than 2.000 kilometers. Aguas de Alicante is a mixed capital company (municipal/private) with 115 years of history and is committed to the preservation of hydraulic resources and environmental stewardship. Operating in a semiarid region, these issues are key guidelines within its strategy. The company materializes its commitment with water efficiency and community awareness through many initiatives, while also engaging the local population through periodic meetings with local organizations such as Neighborhood Associations, Consumers’ Organizations or Local Traders’ associations, and opens its most significant facilities (Control Room, Water Quality Lab, WWTP) to external visits.

The DAIAD Consortium is excited for the opportunity to organize one of our pilots in Alicante, with the participation of local citizens and citizen associations. We are planning to have our first meeting in Alicante in a few months, exploring how DAIAD can contribute in water demand management, empower consumers, and provide added value to the smart water metering infrastructure of Aguas de Alicante.

In the meantime, it is time for DAIAD to start learning Spanish.

Es el momento de cambiar la forma en que monitoreamos el agua! Hasta pronto Alicante!